Announcing Comics of Elements

We are excited to announce a new project, Comics of Elements, where you will learn about the properties of the first 20 chemical elements that are portrayed as lovely comic characters. You can visit the project here

In addition, we are happy to announce that is now part of a larger project called Beauty of Science, the goal of which is to amaze the audience with the visual wonders of science. 

New update in History Section

New was launched on Dec 31th, 2015. The new site is running on Squarespace, allowing us to give a new look and much better user experience on mobile devices. 

Today, we have added two new subsections to the History Section.

Earlier, we showed 15 beautiful CG renderings of historical chemical instruments, which was featured on Gizmodo. But we did not explain how they worked and why we chose them. We will give more explanation in a new subsection called Chemists and Their Instruments.

In addition, we have added a new subsection called History of Chemical Structures, focusing on how chemists discovered the beautiful molecular world in 10 topics.

The content of these two subsections are now available in two new Beautiful Chemistry books, Beautiful Chemical Reactions and Beautiful Chemical Structures (both in Chinese) published by Tsinghua University Press in January 2016. We will add more content to when we complete English translation.